Danny D. Dore' - Lic. Massage Therapist

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Amazing True stories of healing

CranioSacral Story...In June 1995, I took my second CranioSacral Course from the Upledger Institute in Florida. It was an extraordinary course. We were taught to manipulate the bones of the skull, identified as the eight Cranial Bones.  At that time, I had no idea why someone would want to manipulate the bones of the skull. Little did I know, with this new knowledge, I would soon be called on to save a young woman's life.

Three days after the course ended, I went to work at a physical therapists office.  CranioSacral  manipulation was a new technique at that time and unknown to the physical therapists, so they would send me their problem patients.  

I was waiting for my next patient when a woman walked in carrying her chart and complaining of headaches.  She told me, she was hit on the side of her face with a ball at her son's soccer game. "I felt strange after that and about 24 hours later, I started experiencing chronic headaches that never went away.  I went to a gamut of doctors and therapists and have taken every test and medication in the world and nothing helps.  Even the most powerful pain killers, have no effect!  I live in number ten pain, 24/7 and it is driving me crazy. You are my last hope.  If you cannot help me, I am going to commit suicide!"

Startled by her statement, I examined her using the CranioSacral techniques.  What  I saw was startling. Her face was cockeyed. It was only a minute amount but with my new training, I could clearly see the cranial misalignment. Her right eye was higher than her left, her right ear was higher, her nose was deviated along with  her mouth. The ball strike had shifted her cranium, putting pressure on many parts of her skull.  She told me, she had to go to the optometrist after the accident because of blurred vision, and also to the dentist, because her teeth no longer fit correctly.

I had her lay face-up on the massage table and remove her glasses and take the splint out of her mouth.  She told me that her vision was so bad the ceiling was a total blur.  

In cranial manipulation the belief is the cranial bones all move in synchrony with a slow rhythm throughout the body.  If the cranial bones are out of alignment it will throw the entire body out of alignment.  I  put my hands very lightly on both sides of her head and found her temporal bones were moving 180 degrees out of phase.  I instructed her to keep her eyes open and to look at the ceiling.  Almost as soon as I tuned into her cranial system, the temporal bones shifted and moved. As the temporal bones shifted,  so did her eyesight. In fact, everything that had shifted out of alignment because of the accident,  shifted back to its original position.

In 45 minutes, her headache totally disappeared, her eyesight returned to normal, she no longer needed glasses and her teeth were now fitting properly.  She walked out of my office the happiest woman in the world.

N.A.E.T Story...Six years ago a woman called to make an appointment for her 9 year old son.  When they arrived the next day, his mother looked worried and started telling me their story.   "There is something wrong with my son, Steven.  It has been almost a year since his symptoms began and he is getting worse. I have taken him to doctors and specialists and they all tell me the same thing.  They cannot find anything wrong with him.  I am worried, he is not eating and when he does it makes his symptoms worse.  He is losing weight. He does not play anymore and his grades in school have dropped. Some mornings, he tells me, he is too tired to get out of bed.  Can you help?" 

I realized the unrecognized source of his symptoms could be food allergies.  With some people, the food  they are most allergic too are the foods that they love and eat all the time.  So I asked, are there any foods that Stephen eats all the time?  Yes, peanut butter!  He eats two to three peanut butter sandwiches every day.  He loves peanut butter!

I checked him and found he was highly allergic to peanut butter.  I had Stephen lay on the massage table and 20 minutes later the treatment was complete.  I told his mother not  to let Stephen eat or even touch peanut butter or peanuts for the next 24 hours. She called me three days later stating that her son was so much improved she could hardly believe it.  "His energy is back, he is getting out of bed with vitality and he is smiling and laughing again.   You gave my son back to me!



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